Cat Swing Pop-up card tutorial

Getting started...

FREE template link: Template PDF
FREE Christmas/Winter template link: Winter Template PDF
Direct link to video tutorial: Youtube tutorial

This is a fun and easy-to-follow one-page tutorial that contains one part that does all the work. It's a rotating mechanism that goes over the centerfold. You can also tweak and adjust the proportions yourself, using page 3 for the base mechanism. 

Page 1 - template with artwork
Page 2 - template as a coloring page
Page 3 - template of the base mechanism without decoration

Paper weight: 80lb / 216 gms 

Tools needed:
- Glue or double sided sticky tape
- Hobby knife or X-acto knife, or scissors
- Ruler for cutting and scoring
- Scoring pen or paperclip

Optional: Add an extra layer to your cover to make the card extra strong. This may also help the mechanism to work better.

Step 1: Score the lines of the template. Use the scoring guide to double-check all the score lines. Don't forget the base page!
Step 2: Cut out all the pieces
Step 3: Fold the score lines
Step 4: Glue tab A to Glue point A, and glue tab B to glue point B

For this card, I needed a character and a theme for the mechanism, so I've illustrated this cute cat on a swing. Above you see the evolution of this character design, step by step. After this, I continued with a suitable background.

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