Fortune teller

Project info:

Name: Fortune teller
Materials: 160gms paper and cardboard
Artwork: Drawn (Alcohol markers)
Techniques: Reverse Layers, V-fold raisers, and a Box

This fortune teller card was a fun challenge because I started with an abstract build, and after that, I turned it into this design. When the base was finished, I used a photo of the pop-up to draw a rough sketch. I carefully shaped (sculped) the base mechanism and added more details and layers that where needed to complete the design. The most challenging was to hide the mechanisms. The only mechanism that was impossible to hide was the reverse layers of the arms. All the rest fell in place when I worked my way to the final shape and design.

When I was finished with the shapes and lines, I continued by coloring the artwork with markers. Very carefully of course because the ink can bleed through the paper but also weaken the tape below it. When using alcohol makers, the paper gets a little damp and that may cause the tape to get loose. The last step for this build was to add a strong cardboard cover. Something I like to do with projects I'm going to save in my collection. It keeps the pop-up protected and also makes the mechanisms work better.

Used mechanisms

At the bottom, a lot of parts are attached to a pop-up box base mechanism. The crystal ball, for example, is an extension of the box roof. The snakes are attached to the sides of the box and there's also a carpet attached to the front side of the box. All the up and downward movements are created by using V-fold raisers. They expand both up and down. The head stays in place so it looks like the body is floating.

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