Gotham City

Project info:

Name: Gotham City Bat-Signal
Materials: 200gms paper and cardboard
Artwork: Paper cut
Techniques: V-folds and parallel folds

Gotham City Bat-signal pop-up. (Loosely based on the animated series) Nice “little” project that has been on my shelf for quite a while. I finally found some time to finish it in color. I wish I had darker blue for the shadows but it’s hard to even find one color of dark blue… Also maybe the Bat-signal could have been flatter but still, happy with how this turned out. Was fun to make!

Used mechanisms

The top part contains a big V-fold in the center with two V-folds on the left and right. The upper surfaces of the outer V-folds are extended to hold the bat-signal. This "harmonica mechanism" also makes it possible to fit a very large shape into the card. Attached to the outer two V-folds are parallel boxes that hold and lift the other layers in position. The decor is made out of two layers of paper: black on the front, and yellow on the back. The windows are cut-out so that the yellow back layers are visible.

White concept

First concept that I’ve used to make the final version in color. For measuring and testing the mechanism. This is how I start most of my projects.

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