Pop-up Book of Memes

I get a lot of questions about whether my work is for sale? All the meme cards I've made are for an art project named #PopupBookofMemes. I can’t sell them because of licensing. It's fair use. The only two cards that are for sale are the Dumpster fire card and the This is fine card. Those are official collabs with 100%soft and K.C. Green. - I would like to thank everyone for sharing my work with credits. I appreciate that!

My goal is to make a one-of-a-kind pop-up book that captures the beauty of memes in paper. This is the cover artwork in a mock-up. The background images of the text are photos of the original pop-up cards.

Follow my social media for more project updates and progress. Everyone is free to share the videos of my work but please add my credits to your post. Thank you!

The Pop-up Book of memes and pop-up cards will NOT be for sale. This is a fair use art project. The #popupbookofmemes is an art project by PaperPaul.

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