Minecraft: The Official Pop-up

I’m super excited to finally share this news: My first pop-up book publication. Things have gone fast since I made my first pop-up almost five years ago. Since then, I always wanted to have my name on a book cover. At that time it sounded impossible and now here it is. This is an official Mojang publication, published by Insight Editions and a collaboration With Matthew Reinhart. It was a lot of fun to work on this. I’ve spent many hours working on this and here is the video of the final product.


Discover a whole new dimension of Minecraft with Minecraft: The Official Pop-Up, an interactive book that takes you on an eye-catching journey as you craft, gather, and explore!

Dive into the open world of Minecraft in this intricate, interactive pop-up book! Featuring five lively "pops," each new page brings delight as you take on creepers, zombies, and endermen. Never-before-seen, original illustrations give new depth to your favorite biomes, caves, and dungeons, all in the palm of your hand.

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